Provide Flexible PM Solutions that Work in the Real World.

PMPolish was founded with a simple idea: project management needed an update for the real world. A world where hours can be grueling. Resources are limited. Deadlines are looming. It’s all hands on deck and baptism by fire.

By giving our clients access to a talented network of Project Managers with real world experience, on an as-needed basis, we’re bringing valuable project management solutions to you and your business.

Our Promise

Project Management, Tailored for Today’s World.

From start to finish, we’re there to make sure your project is a success. We tailor our services to every project. We rigorously vet our project management professionals to make sure they are equipped with the experience and skills your project needs.

And we’re virtual warriors, so distance doesn’t phase us. We can handle anything you throw at us, and more.

Our Story

Project Management for Today’s World.

We have a straightforward goal in mind – make access to talented Project Managers fast and easy. Companies are now operating with lean staffs – fewer people are handling significantly more work. There is little or no excess capacity in human or capital resources. For smaller companies, even more is at risk: a single poorly planned and executed project could critically weaken them. That’s where we come in. We offer a simpler, more flexible alternative to bring on Project Managers on an as-needed basis, short or long term.

It All Began with a Project Manager with a Vision.

Keri Stevenson is a certified PMP and seasoned veteran of high tech companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, TMobile and Getty Images. She knows first hand that strong Project Managers are critical to the success of many business endeavors. However, at salaries that often cross into six figures, an experienced full timer can often be well over-budget.

Keri saw the need to provide a valuable service to businesses to outsource their project management needs to an offsite professional who can take over on an as-needed basis. Contract-based Project Managers can provide all the excellent benefits of project management without commanding a full-time salary with benefits.

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